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Renesas Boot ID/Pass Finder

299.00 +23% vat

Renesas Boot ID/Pass Finder activation – read out secured chips from m16c/m32c family.

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Renesas Boot ID/Pass Finder activation works only on Box III and it allows to read/write boot password secured chips.


Suported procesors:

  • M30245FCGP
  • M30262F4GP
  • M30624FGAFP
  • M30624FGAGP
  • M30624FGFP
  • M30624FGGP
  • M30624FGLFP
  • M30624FGLGP
  • M30624FGMFP
  • M30624FGMGP
  • M30624FGNFP
  • M30624FGNGP
  • M30624FGPFP
  • M30624FGPGP


It works on boot versions 2.01 and 4.01 (2.00 is not supported yet).


Run software in demo mode to see supported models and functions.


Terms and conditions to run activation:

– you need to have Martech Box III

After one year, it’s blocked:

  • access to activation updates
  • access to
  • access to the section on the forum ( thematic section )
  • technical support
  • access to server

To again take full advantage of once purchased activation, you must pay its extension – subscription for another year’s time.

The cost of the subscription is 40 EUR net / year

Warning:- all devices have a valid subscription – are covered at the time warranty.

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