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Full Pack Box III with all cables and activations.

Free subscription for 10 years.By purchasing this set you will not only save on activations, but also on subscription.

In stock


  • Complex set for car radios and navigations service with Martech Box III based on STM32 cpu, which supports adequate speed and stability.
    Actual full package consist of:

    Box III supports communication over:

    • OBD2 (OBD (K-Line, ALDL, OBD-I, OBD-1.5, OBD-II, EOBD, EoBD2, JOBD, ADR, SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9142-2)
    • UART (RS232, TX232, RNS510)
    • CAN L, CAN H, K-Line, L-Line, ADC-A, ADC-B
    • K-line level 1..15V  (without external power supply, just from USB to 9V)
    • L-line level 1..15V  (without external power supply, just from USB to 9V)
    • RS232 TX/RX in -9..+9V range
    • RX/TX outputs 1..5V  (USB)
    • MBUS on TX output
    • MBUS na RX output
    • on universal outputs
    • MAUS BUS (for cancheck in BP radios)


    New functions in Programmer bookmark:

    • Eeprom / Flash: serial spi, i2c (X24c00 also), microwire (rotated with auto pin finding), 77007MN, KKZ
    • NEC (more types, faster connection)
    • Motorola (new bootloaders for HC05/11, secured also)
    • ST92 (more stable of work, reading secured in future)
    • Renesas M16/M32 (possibility to read out some of secured versions)
    • JTAG – Box III as a JTAG programmer for many type of ARM 7/9
    • no file coding – all can be saved in pure binary file (.mbin file is supported too)
    • a possibility of setting Vreg voltage, Rise Time, IREG , reading speed

    Box III specifications:

    • diagnostic DB25 connector (inputs, outputs, TX232, RX232, CAN L, CAN H, K-Line, L-Line, Vreg, ADC-A, ADC-B)
    • USB connector
    • 9V external power supply connector
    • 4 led diodes (BUSY/ERROR, CONNECTION, RX, TX)
    • firmware update on the fly (in background, changes came after software close)
    • drivers installations directly from windows update xp/vista/win7/win8/win8.1
    • autologin to support Forum Forum
    • software, drivers installation can be find on Help online
    • 12 months of warranty
    • free support on bought activations


    What’s new in Box III, which is not on Clip so far:

    • Nissan LCN / Opel Corsa Touch & Connect (within the activation OMAP5948) original code reading
    • full support (read, write, erase) of M35080 3/6/V6/VP/D80/D160 (under the tab of  programmer)
    • new user interface – easier and faster selection of models, more features
    • read / erase / write Serial SPI memories like MX25L160 , W25X32 and F-RAM eg. FM25L04
    • RNS 315 original code reading the without the use of expander (procedures work independently without computer control)
    • JTAG programmer (in development)
    • in many cases, support K / L – Line without external power supply 12V
    • K / L support in different voltage ranges from 1 to 15 V (programmable)
    • 10 universal I / O lines with programmable logic from 1 to 5 V
    • UART and RS232 (separate outputs for RS232 – a standard PC or signal level from -9V ..+ 9V )
    • UART in logic from 0 to 15V – max voltage from 1V to 15V
    • RS232 with the range of -12V .. +12V
    • work on USB power + the ability to work on external power
    • possibility to supply external circuits from the box
    • Vreg – programmable voltage from 0.5 .. 5V (max voltage dependent on the performance of the computer USB)
    • hardware and software support for most protocols OBD ( ALDL , OBD -I, OBD -1.5 , OBD-II , EOBD , EoBD2 , JOBD , ADR , SAE J1850 PWM , SAE J1850 VPW , ISO 9142-2)
    • device is fully expandable, on the request of customers also
    • programmable current protection outputs, IREG (sum of all outputs IO1 .. I08 + RX + TX)
    • analog inputs – ADC-A, ADC-B

    Run software in demo mode to see supported models and functions.

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