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Coding Tool CPD

259.00 with tax

NAC models from Continental are supported


New Coding Tool CPD activation

all NAC and RCC models from Continental or Bosch are supported
– Adding the VIN number of the unit to Peugeot, Citroen, DS cars
– Android Auto Activation or Deactivation
– Activation or Deactivation of Auto CarPlay


Terms and conditions to run activation:

– you need to have Martech Box III

After one year, it’s blocked:

  • access to activation updates
  • access to
  • access to the section on the forum ( thematic section )
  • technical support
  • access to server

To again take full advantage of once purchased activation, you must pay its extension – subscription for another year’s time.

The cost of the subscription is 29 EUR net / year

Warning:- all devices have a valid subscription – are covered at the time warranty.

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