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Producer: Delphi
Destination: Volvo
Part No.: 21889618; 21753354; 28357650
Code Location: 24LC32

działa jako Volvo FKDD MBYI A by Delphi /28239676/ [ 24C32 ]

sasserwis, Martech user

Ford 5000c , security repair successfully

connect Box III to the radio according to scheme
connect +12V to the radio, turn it on (press power on button, radio must ask for code ( audio problem ) or show Security Locked )
go to programmer, choose CPU ( ST92F150CV1QB or ST92F250CV2QB )
select Flash in Settings, use Read and Save ( to file )
having selected Flash click on Erase
change from Flash to Eeprom in Settings ( only Eeprom must be selected )
having selected Eeprom click on Erase
change from Eeprom to Flash in Settings
having selected Flash in Settings load file previously read out in point 4 and click on Write
disconnect device, wait about 10 seconds, reconnect power supply and wait some seconds – try to power on
process completed ( radio ask for code or audio is repaired already )

kalser, Martech user



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